Language & Dance - Choreography Academy

Be A Dancing Star - dance classes and choreography in a variety of styles by our talented instructors. A creative program to improve techniques, coordination and performance skills.

Thoughtful programming helps to foster a love of movement and instill positive ideas of body awarness, respect, self-image and discipline. 


Dancers will hone their skills for a shared performance on Friday night. 

Arts & Craft time for making fun dance crafts, themed costume accessories and props.

Daily Schedule

9.00-12 noon: German or English lessons

Depending on registration, children will study their chosen language and will be divided, according to their skills, into small German or English groups. 


1.00pm lunch


2.00-3.30pm: organised activities 

Children can sign up for an activity of their choice:

ball games, art workshop, drama 



4.00-7.00pm Dance & Choreography  

Be a dancing star! 


7.00pm: dinner and evening program

bowling, talent show, drama, fashion show, cinema, camping, hide and seek, etc.


10.00pm: time to go to bed