It is important to us that the children fully enjoy the camp and have the opportunity to engage with other children.


To make the camp an unforgettable experience we have a 

phone and electronic device policy:


  • When children first arrive at the camp, we kindly ask the children and parents to hand in all electronic devices to the camp staff. 
  • From the 2nd day after arrival, children may use their phones to call parents and relatives at a certain time in the afternoon.
  • Children with no cell phone have the possibility to stay in contact with their parents using a phone that will be provided by Auersperg International Summer Camp.


Our experience of over 16 years shows us that the children have no problem adapting to these rules.

The children thrive on interacting with their peers and being fully present in our beautiftul surroundings. Without cell phones the interaction between children improves and allows them to build lifelong friendships, all this leads to balaced and happy children who enjoy the program that we offer here at camp.

Parents can call Nuni and Nico Auersperg at any time during the camp.