The German / English language course is aimed at children between the age of 8 and 15 years, with the ambition to improve their language skills in a beautiful and supportive environment.

Our courses are designed for all abilities and to support all standards.




We accept all language abilities, from beginners to highly advanced, and place children in small, homogenous groups to assure the best possible learning environment.


Each weekday morning, students enjoy 3 hours of excellent academic teaching of German and/or English language by our highly skilled teachers.


Children will meet with their language teachers, who, after assessing their level, will prepare a structured learning program. 


Our campers acquire fundamental skills in speaking, listening, writing, vocabulary, reading and grammar and develop “real life” communication skills. 


At the end of camp, children and their parents receive a report detailing strengths, progress and suggestions for areas to work on in their further language learning.



Our teachers are familiar with the entire range of pedagogical approaches and the small groups allow them to adapt to each child’s needs in the classroom.

All our counselors are experienced, year-round teachers from all over the world with a passion for working with children of all ages and teaching them new skills. 



Our class sizes are intentionally small (max 7 children per group) allowing every child to receive the personal attention that is required for a successful learning program, and to cater to any individual needs and abilities. 



Please contact us for other subjects e.g. French, Spanish and sciences.


2 week session

Term:   05.7. - 17.7.2021

Term:   18.7. - 31.7.2021

3 week session

Term:   05.7. - 24.7.2021

Term:   11.7. - 31.7.2021

4 week session

Term:     05.7. - 31.7.2021