Auersperg-International Summer camp is an all-inclusive program providing unique experiences for children aged 8-15 years from around the world. 

Our program combine language lessons in German and English with a wide range of exciting and inpiring outdoor activities, adventures, athletic programs, excursions and creative and cultural immersion.


The camp is kept intentionally small, with no more than 30 participants per week in order to keep the family atmosphere we are known for.


The camper to conselor ratio of 5:1 allows us to adapt to each individual child's needs and we attach great importance to each child's



The very unpretentious and family-like atmosphere has always been much appreciated by all our visitors and is an important characteristic of the camp's identity.


Our main goal is to provide children with high quality language lessons and diverse activities for a fulfilling summer experience, and to offer an outstanding service for both, children and parents.


Auersperg-International Summer Camp is an enriching educational program and creats unforgettable summer holiday experiences in unspoilt nature.  


German | English 


Outdoor Activities

German | English 




German | English 


Other Subjects:

Other languages and subjects upon request.


2 week session:

Term:    05.7. - 17.7.2021

Term:    18.7. - 31.7.2021

3 week session:

Term:   05.7. - 24.7.2021

Term:   11.7. - 31.7.2021

4 week session:

Term:     05.7. - 31.7.2021